What We Frame

Works of art for collectors including work by Billy Childish, Damian Hirst, Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell, John Bratby, Charles Gere, John Bellany, Denton Welch, John Nash, Paul Nash and by photographers Terry O’Neill and Duffy. We have advised our customers on how these important pieces should be preserved for the future.

We’ve seen a lot over the years and have had any number of challenges.

We regularly frame photos, artwork, tapestries, football shirts, LPs, memorabilia, jigsaws, newspapers and samplers, but we really enjoy taking on the more unusual.

We’ve had bullets, a deliberately smashed violin (a Stradivarius replica), an Omani dagger, a KGB Officer’s epaulettes, baby booties and believe it or not, four pins. Not just any four pins, but four individual pins, each tagged and signed by a Beatle. Yup, Paul, John, Ringo and George – all signed at a schoolgirl’s request!

Challenge us, we love it!